Words of Love Collection

All U Need is Love

24 pieces of Chocolate 120g

2 Pieces of Brownie

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Chocolate + Chocolate Brownie Combo

Four types of chocolates expressing different sentiments:

  1. You Are My Cup of Tea: Earl Grey 75% Dark Chocolate
  2. We Are Meant to Bean: Coffee 78% Dark Chocolate
  3. Love You So Matcha: Matcha Milk Chocolate
  4. You Are Berry Cute: Strawberry Milk Chocolate

Combined with two chocolate brownies symbolizing mutual affection, this treat allows you to savor the taste of happiness. Carefully selected high-quality ingredients from New Zealand, Japan, France, and South America come together to create a diverse range of flavors and silky textures. After indulging, it will not only satisfy your taste buds but also bring immense joy and a sense of happiness.

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