Words of Love Collection

You Won My Heart

18 Pieces

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Strawberry + Matcha Chocolate Cookie Combo

Using the familiar tic-tac-toe game as a metaphor to convey that you have won my heart, representing 'O' is the pink heart-shaped strawberry chocolate cookie. This delightful treat is made from freeze-dried strawberry powder and milk powder from New Zealand, perfectly capturing the fresh and tangy flavor of strawberries. The rich strawberry milk chocolate is expertly layered on a cookie made from Dominican Republic cacao. This delicious combination provides a luxurious experience with a balance of richness and freshness.

As for 'X,' it's the green matcha chocolate cookie. This tempting dessert is crafted by blending Japanese-imported matcha powder with New Zealand milk powder, skillfully placed on a cookie made from Dominican Republic cacao. The texture is smooth, and the flavor is profound, offering an exquisite indulgence.

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