The flavor of dark chocolate depends entirely on the characteristics of the cacao beans themselves. Besides the genetics of the cacao beans, how farmers handle them directly affects the quality of dark chocolate. There are many techniques involved in the process, from picking cacao beans to fermentation and drying. CACAOLAB firmly believes that to make excellent dark chocolate, collaborating with farmers who emphasize and excel in these processes is essential.

CACAOLAB partners with a passionate Italian chocolate maker in Colombia who shares their belief in treating cacao and chocolate as art. They aim to elevate chocolate to a level similar to wine tasting, allowing people to rediscover cacao and dark chocolate, understand the craftsmanship behind it, and learn to appreciate its rich flavors and nuances.

Cacao cultivation and appreciation can be compared to wine, believing that different varieties of cacao beans should be grown in different regions, much like grapes from different vineyards have their unique characteristics.

CACAOLAB collaborates with cacao plantations that maintain the local ecosystem. These estates are often located in remote areas and occasionally see the presence of wild animals like woodpeckers, monkeys, and capybaras. Such natural environments naturally nurture cacao beans with rich flavors and layers.