CACAOLAB sources its cacao beans from the native region of cacao, South America. These cacao beans come from three different countries, and each country has its own distinct cultivation methods, patterns, and environmental conditions. This results in cacao beans that have unique flavors and profiles.

South America


The history of Ecuadorian cacao beans is ancient and profound, with each cacao bean carrying the legacy of Ecuador's history and culture. Every cacao bean possesses complex flavors, and savoring them allows one to relish the stories they hold.

South America


Colombian cacao beans epitomize the perfect fusion of nature and human craftsmanship. Cultivated in optimal conditions and with suitable varieties, these beans yield rich flavors and intricate profiles that bring about indescribable joy and pleasure upon tasting.

South America

Dominican Republic

The flavor of Dominican Republic cacao beans is a masterpiece crafted by Mother Earth herself. Though they lack a specific name and boast no long history, these cacao beans are meticulously chosen by Mother Earth to offer a taste experience unlike any other.