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Chocolate Nut Combo

This consists of  four varieties

1.Strawberry Milk Chocolate Coated Almond

2.Moca Chocolate Coated Almond

3.Rose & Lychee Milk Chocolate Coated Hazelnut

4.Mango Milk Chocolate Coated Hazelnut

High-quality almonds from the United States and hazelnuts from France, enveloped in various flavors of chocolate, create delightful complexity with every bite. These chocolates incorporate freeze-dried fruit powders imported from Japan, New Zealand, and Taiwan, preserving the authentic flavors and aromas of the fruits and roses. No artificial fragrances are added, allowing the chocolate to maintain its natural essence. This crafting method imparts a unique flavor profile to the chocolate. The result is a perfect fusion of colors, aromas, and textures, allowing you to savor the intricacy and uniqueness of chocolate-covered nuts.

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